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The Middle Years School Diagnostic and Improvement Tool

The Adolescent Success Middle Years School Improvement Diagnostic Tool is a self-audit tool used to gauge the effectiveness of middle years practices in your school, to recognise areas of strength and to target areas for improvement. Upon completion of the audit, the tool enables teams to acknowledge key areas requiring action, to create an action plan and to be able to review and reflect upon progress of that action. 

The Diagnostic Tool is a compilation of effective middle schooling practices as outlined in the Adolescent Success Position Paper, which is based upon an analysis and synthesis of recent and current research and evidence. School leaders are encouraged to use the Diagnostic Tool to audit their own practices when considering middle schooling reforms and directions. 

Why use it?

If you are a school community with a focus on middle years and are aiming to improve your practices, if you are unsure as to the effectiveness of your practices, and considering where to next, this Tool and Process enables you to identify your strengths and to target key areas for improvement. 

Based upon the four key components that guide our position paper, the tool assesses against criteria relevant to each area according to the following scale: 

The rating scale indicates:

  1. Requires investigation in our school 
  2. No evidence of this practice currently in our school
  3. Minor evidence of this practice currently in our school 
  4. This practice is being implemented in our school
  5. This practice is well developed in our school

Teams are encouraged to highlight on the scale the rating that ‘best fits’ the school’s current evidence of activities that support the implementation of each middle schooling practice. 

Once the audit process is complete and the effectiveness of middle years practices being implemented in your school context have been assessed, Adolescent Success can facilitate, guide and support you and your team through a Cycle of Inquiry process which will be focused on your key area or areas identified for improvement. We can be with you all the way.

The following is a sample of the criteria and process for identifying current practices and areas for improvement.

Find out how this process can be tailored to your specific needs

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