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The association dedicated exclusively to the education, development and growth of young adolescents


Middle Years Research Experts:

Dr Kelly Sharp – Scotch College, Adelaide

Paper title:
Leading learning for student engagement: Translating research into context specific practice

Gabrielle Baker – Queensland University of Technology

Paper title:
Gifted adolescent wellbeing and the adoption of STEAM opportunities
e: a.briz@bigpond.net.au

Dana Leidl – Centre of Research Excellence in Mental Health and Substance Use, NSW

Paper title:
Climate Schools Plus: Online substance use prevention program for students and parents
e: d.leidl@unsw.edu.au

Dr Katharine Swain – Flinders University, SA

Paper title:
Student experiences of NAPLAN: Sharing insights from two school sites
e: katharine.swain@flinders.edu.au

Rebecca Seward-Linger – University of Southern Queensland

Paper title:
Teachers enacting middle years’ reform: What can we learn from their perspectives?
e: rebecca.seward-linger@stpatricks.tas.edu.au


Dr Tony Dowden – University of Southern Queensland

Paper title:
Teachers’ beliefs and practices concerning the learning needs of young adolescents: Developing an intervention  that enhances classroom curriculum and pedagogy, recognises cultural diversity and facilitates  inclusion
e: Tony.Dowden@usq.edu.au

Jason Hassard – Griffith University, QLD

Paper title:
The establishment of a distinct Junior Secondary identity by Year 7 students during the transition from primary  to  high school chronicled via student voice: A mixed methods study
e: jhass13@eq.edu.au

Dr Anne Coffey – University of Notre Dame, WA

Paper title:
Student leadership: Service and citizenship in the middle years of schooling
e: anne.coffey@nd.edu.au

Dr Katherine Main – Griffith University, QLD

Paper title:
Integrating social-emotional learning: Enhancing teachers’ capacity to embed social-emotional learning in the  curriculum
e: k.main@griffith.edu.au

Prof Donna Pendergast

Dr Michelle Ronskey-Pavia

Prof Donna Pendergast and
Dr Michelle Ronskey-Pavia
– Griffith University, QLD

Paper title:
Student Engagement Continuum: Engaging young adolescent students

Engaging middle years students: The importance of a sense of belonging at school
e: michelle.ronksley-pavia@griffithuni.edu.au
e: d.pendergast@griffith.edu.au

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