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10th International Conference for Adolescent Success 

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

Thursday morning 24th August - Optional School Site Visits

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Woodcrest State College 

Woodcrest State College is a P-12 state school that provides a complete educational experience for students in the greater Springfield area. The college is the original school in the vibrant hub of Springfield, a dynamic suburb in the growth corridor of Western Brisbane. The 'Education City' concept was established and fostered at Woodcrest State College.  We benefit from the diversity of our multicultural student body. Approximately 24% of our students are from a non-Australian background, representing over 30 different cultural groups. Approximately five per cent of students are indigenous.

Woodcrest State College enjoys state of the art facilities. In the purpose built Junior Secondary area, we value:

•the distinctive qualities of teachers and teaching in the Junior Secondary Phase of Learning

•the importance of building positive relationships between students and teachers

•a curriculum which explicitly teaches literacy and numeracy and actively addresses individual student's needs, interests and abilities 

•seamless progression of students across the Year 6/7 and Year 9/10  interfaces

•class structures, programs and events which support the effective engagement of students in their studies and which place a high priority on positive relationships.

A consistent approach to teaching across the college, known as our  'Signature Practices', ensures a well rounded curriculum and seamless learning occurs from Prep to graduation. There is a strong student focus at Woodcrest State College with a vast array of programs and practices which support student resilience and wellbeing. School Wide Positive Behaviour Strategies are now consistent across all sub schools, with a focus on the 4 Pillars of Respect – for self, for others, for learning and for the environment. 

St Josephs Nudgee College:

St Joseph's Nudgee College is a Brisbane-based Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition for boys in Years 5-12 with boarding from Year 6. The College's holistic approach to education ensures the opportunities offered to, and the principles instilled in, a student during their time at the School helps to prepare him for when he leaves. As an inclusive faith community, Nudgee College strives to assist students to develop as fully as possible within a safe and caring environment. In line with the College's commitment to educating young men and promoting their formation in Christian virtue and conscience, each student's growth and development is carefully managed all the way through to graduation. Nudgee College establishes a welcoming atmosphere for every student, and aims to be a community that engages in partnerships where each person is empowered and enriched. The College values an education that is relevant and engages learners; we place significant importance on teacher growth and development whilst constantly looking for opportunities to improve academic achievement through initiatives such as project based learning and the flipped classroom. Through a formal and informal program of student formation, Nudgee College strives to provide a school where students feel cared for, valued and happy. Sport and extra-curricular activities are also an integral part of College life.

Mt Alvernia College:

Mount Alvernia College is an Independent Catholic Girls Secondary College in North Brisbane.  In 2015, when we became a Yr 7 – 12 college, and we moved to as three schools within the one college – the Francis School (Yr 7 and 8), the Clare School (Yr 9 and 10) and the Elizabeth Hayes School (Yr 11 and 12). 

We continue to have a very strong focus on middle year’s practices through interdisciplinary curriculum strategies, pastoral and transition processes and teams, particularly within the Francis and Clare Schools.  We have a strong focus on building the capacity of our teachers to be able work in these teams and to deliver relevant and engaging programs both within the classroom and outside.

Our physical spaces have been developed with a whole school Franciscan philosophy, incorporating open plan, flexible furniture, as well as working gardens and healthy eating approaches.  The whole person is important in our educational plan.

All that we do at Mount Alvernia College is guided by our Learning and Teaching Framework which was collaboratively developed in 2015.  We began the roll out of this framework in 2016 and continue to work with staff and students to build upon the elements and principles of this framework.  To empower our teachers, we have developed a common practices document that unpacks key components of our Learning and Teaching Framework and Pastoral practices, with a focus on pedagogy and relationships.  Our Enhancing Teacher Practice program supports all of the processes we are undertaking at the College guiding and assisting our teachers to set goals and work towards these, with the aim of enabling excellence.

Brisbane Boys College:

Brisbane Boys’ College , or BBC, is an independent PMSA day and boarding school for boys from Prep to Year 12. BBC is a member of the Great Public Schools’ Association of Queensland Inc. (GPS). Our Middle School provides a unique learning environment designed to specifically respond to the needs of young adolescents academically, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually in Years 7, 8 and 9.

Our program is designed to engage students in the learning process by ensuring the curriculum is both relevant to their intellectual development and based upon the characteristics of boys in this age group.

Knowledge-based learning is no longer enough. We need to teach boys how to think. Not only to solve problems, but to recognise them in the first place. This is something we do every day at BBC. We teach our boys to question the status quo and solve problems to make the world a better place. Our school is full of inquisitive, well-rounded boys. Boys who will grow up and make a difference. We know how to harness their energy, curiosity and thirst for competition. We call this: ‘A New School of Thought’.

The natural flow from one year to the next via our new Middle School Precinct (MSP) enables boys to make a smooth transition from the primary classroom to a more complex and challenging environment. A broad curriculum and extensive sporting and extra-curricular program is offered to cater to the interests of all boys and they are encouraged to the best of their ability. 

BBC strives to produce ‘gentlemen of honour’ under the motto Sit Sine Labe Decus – ‘Let Honour Stainless Be’.

Canterbury College: BOOKED OUT

Canterbury College is an innovative P-12 learning community with a designated Middle School (Years 7-9). The college motto is "The Better Prepared the Stronger". This is demonstrated through the College values of Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Scholarship and Community. One of the colleges’ goals is to utilise physical, social and virtual communities to optimise learning opportunities for all.

Our focus for our Middle School students is engagement. Students at this age want to learn about things that interest them, to take on the world around them, and they face challenges which seem quite significant at this stage in their life. Students are establishing their own identity and place in this rapidly changing world and are becoming confident learners engaged with their teachers and curriculum. We tailor our programs to optimise learning outcomes.

During the Middle Years students have opportunities to participate in Year level camps, the Community in Action (CIA) program or become Middle School leaders through the leadership program. These programs are aligned with both the academic and pastoral goals within the college. 

For example; In Year 9, students were provided with an exciting opportunity to actively engage with their peers, school and community. The aim of this program is to develop either a service or project which will explore the focus question, “What do we Value in our Community?”

The CIA program provides opportunities to develop skills which enhance confidence, persistence, resilience and safe risk taking whilst learning in a supportive and structured environment.

St Peters Lutheran College:

St Peters Lutheran College, established in 1945 at Indooroopilly in Brisbane’s inner west is Queensland’s largest Independent School. It is a Co-educational Prep to Year 12 College, consisting of 3 sub-schools- Primary School (P-6); Junior High (Yr7-9) and Senior School (Yr10-12). Boarding is available from Year 6. St Peters is an inclusive school, and the diversity of the student population is extraordinary, with over 60 nationalities represented. 

St Peters is a Christian school in the Lutheran Tradition that seeks to provide an environment where each person is valued and accepted as a loved child of God. In this environment, each person is challenged to discover, develop and use their gifts and talents for personal growth and service to others.

St Peters strives to provide a high quality holistic education. As such, we look to stimulate the heart and soul, the body and minds of each of our students. We value a holistic approach, and encourage students to develop values that enrich the intellect, nurture the spirit, develop social responsibility and create healthy lifestyles.

We place an emphasis on developing global understanding and international mindedness through International Baccalaureates’ Primary Years (PYP) and Diploma (DP) programs. The Co-curricular Program is marked by extraordinary breadth and quality, with the Music Program in particular being outstanding. 

In Year 9 all students undertake an iconic Outdoor Education experience at our Outdoor Education Centre ‘Ironbark’. Students are encouraged to be others-centred and to use their gifts and talents to make a difference through a rich Service Learning Program.

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