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Adolescent Success and Resilient Youth Australia share the vision of empowering schools to achieve the best possible outcomes for all students wellbeing.

In the Australian context there is increasing interest in adolescents’ healthy development. However, there are currently few psychometrically robust measures of resilience relevant to the period of adolescence 11 to 18 years of age, and none which analyse assets, depression and hopefulness for a complete picture of resilience for this age bracket. 

Moreover, although Australian schools are hearing the call of 'resilience' the tricky part is how to do it! We suggest that a data based analysis of the school cohort using the Resilience Survey and the Resilience Survey Report is the ideal place to begin.

The Resilience Survey provides a reliable and valid measure and has demonstrated utility with Australian young people. It offers a valuable, low cost tool for evaluating intervention outcomes, and for directing intervention efforts in Australian schools. 

The Resilience Survey also constitutes a new measurement option for broader research on adolescent resilience.

It is an  on-line survey which collects, collates and analyses the self-reported strengths of Australian young people in terms of 40 developmental  assets, the incidence of depressive disorders and hopefulness, and the relationship of these to key risk and protective factors.

The Resilience Survey includes three scientifically validated, reliable and internationally accepted measures: the Developmental Assets Profile (DAP), the Childrens' Hope Scale, and the General Health Quentionnaire (GHQ12).

This means that you can rely on the results as:

i. An accurate measure of the resilience and wellbeing of the young people in your school; and

ii. A sound basis for planning and implementing targeted resilience building initiatives,

A significant benefit of the Resilience Survey is the Resilience Survey Report, generated for every cohort that sits the survey. The Report facilitates thoughtful and informed discussion about the health and wellbeing of your school cohort.

The report is clear, concise and easy to comprehend. Resilient Youth Australia qualified staff will work with you to identify strategic planning opportunities suggested by the Resilience Survey and assets framework.

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