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Adolescent Success and Motivational Media share common objectives and their partnership benefits young adolescents across Australia.  Both organisations care about young adolescents self talk and understand the importance of providing positive role models and connection opportunities for young people.  

Through developing student awareness of the importance of self esteem, wise decision making, goal setting and friendship choices Motivational Medias 40 minute presentation focuses on young people preventing or controlling situations that might result in harmful behaviours.

Follow-up resource materials provide a mechanism for stimulating open discussion with students, as issues from the main presentations are related and skills are developed through interaction with one another.

Since its establishment in 1990, Motivational Media has grown into one of Australia's largest travelling educational organisations, reaching over 300 schools across Australia per year.

Their dynamic, cinematic programs have impacted hundreds of thousands of lives, challenging students to recognise harmful activities and thought patterns, equipping them with strategies and positive role model examples to encourage healthier decision making.

Each year, their programs cover such social and personal issues as:

 Motivational Media's aim is to INSPIRE AUSTRALIA'S YOUTH TOWARDS A WORLD OF CHANGE and promote the following ideas of: 

Talk to Motivational Media today about introducing this unique program to your school.


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