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The association dedicated exclusively to the education, development and growth of young adolescents

Criteria for Presenting at 2021 Conference

Each delegate must present a 10 minute presentation on one of the following aspects taken from the Adolescent Success Position Paper:

These key areas are taken from the Adolescent Success Position Paper which you can be seen as a graphic below.

1. Adolescent Development 

Adolescents are developing physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and ethically.  Share with us how your middle years program addresses one or more of these key areas of development.

2. Middle Year Educators

Teachers who work with young adolescents need to be dedicated, knowledgable, empathetic, passionate and relational.  Share with us how your teachers, support staff, leadership team or other educators engage young adolescents in learning.

3. Places of Learning

Exemplary middle years places of learning are flexible, diverse, democratic, positive, safe and engaging.  Share with us how your school uses places of learning to best cater for the diverse needs of young adolescents.

4. Middle Years Pedagogy

Best practice in the middle years is informed, inclusive, relevant, pastoral, global, innovative, challenging, integrative and responsible.  Share with us how you use middle years pedagogy to engage your learners.

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