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The association dedicated exclusively to the education, development and growth of young adolescents

2023 Conference Program

Pre Conference Tours and Masterclasses - Thursday 31st August

  School Tours  
 9:00am - 12:00pm

STEM Program Tour - Yeronga State High School 

Leaves from St John's Anglican College

Gold Coast Place and Pedagogy Study Tour

  • Hillcrest Christian College (Year 9 Rise Program)

 Leaves from St John's Anglican College AND

Hillcrest Christian College, Reedy Creek




  • Authentic Student Leadership with Luke McKenna
  • The Experience of Learning in the Middle with Dr Phil Cummins
  • Meet the Learning Disposition Wheel with Jamie Gerlach

St John's Anglican College

College Avenue, Forest Lake, QLD 4078

Conference Day 1: Friday 1st September St John's Anglican College


Registration desk open




The context for Reimagining Learning and Working in the Middle Years



Today’s Learning For Tomorrow’s World

Dr Phil Cummins

Phil will present the findings of the CIRCLE Global Educational Research program on the nature of a school for tomorrow. He will examine the external context of the changing game of our society and its expectations for the employability skills and graduate outcomes of schooling. Phil will then lead delegates through what it means to change the game of schooling and its ecosystem to meet the needs of the new social contract for education: today’s learning for tomorrow’s world. The final part of Phil’s presentation will focus on changing your game – how to build the corridors of high-performance learning down which the members of a future-fit and future-ready school community might walk as learners, teachers, leaders and teams. Throughout, he will draw on insights from the guests of the Game Changers Podcast Series (now in its 15th series).


Concurrent Session 1     

10.55am Morning Tea 


Concurrent Session 2   

12:15pmConcurrent Session 3 - Research in Middle Years Education





Research and Practice in Partnership: Reimagining Working, Learning and Researching in the Middle Years.

Dr Stephanie MacMahon UQ Learning lab and Partner Schools

How do students in the middle years learn? What factors influence learning during this complex stage of development? What practices best support effective learning? The science of learning – a multi-disciplinary field of research that combines education, psychology and neuroscience –plays an important role in answering these questions. However, there is a well-evidenced gap between research and educational practice, and with increasing expectations globally that educators engage with research to inform their practice, understanding how to bridge this gap is essential. The team at The University of Queensland’s UQ Learning Lab, have developed an evidence-informed model designed to address this challenge. The Partner Schools Program is a unique, partnership approach where researchers and educators ‘meet-in-the-middle’ to explore real-world, school-identified learning and teaching priorities. This collaborative keynote will bring researchers and educators together to share how working, learning AND researching in the middle years can be reimagined, and can help to bridge the research-practice gap.

Partner Schools: St John's Anglican College, QLD; Canterbury College, QLD; Ravenswood School for Girls, NSW and Westbourne Grammar School, Vic.


Student's Empowering Educators: Reimagining Learning

Come and be inspired by the remarkable achievements of our middle years students as they lead engaging workshops and presentations centered around their passions. Then join us for an enlightening panel conversation where we explore what educators need to know in order to create environments where students can thrive through their passions.

Workshop topics include:

  • A history lesson with a literacy focus
  • A STEM and neuroplasticity innovation - Winner of the Sleek Geek Secondary Award
  • A technology innovation created in a library space
  • A lesson in art, passion and developing self
  • AI in education
3:45pm Day 1 Wrap Up
4:00pm Day 1 Close

Conference Day 2: Saturday 2nd St John's Anglican College

 7:45am Registration Desk Open
 8.45am Welcome to Day 2


Strengthening your core: The 4Cs as a foundation for coherence in middle schooling

Dr Michael Andersen

The middle years of school provide a compelling opportunity to bring learning, teaching and student wellbeing together to ensure students can not only survive but thrive. There are however concerning signs that student anxiety and other mental health issues are on the rise, and our schools are often not equipped to support learners coherently across cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal domains. Drawing on research and practice in the 4Cs and 4C Transformative Learning's work with over 80 schools we will explore how learners in the middle years can build strength through the development of capability in creativity, collaboration, communication and critical reflection. We will work with the 4C coherence makers (frameworks) to explore how schools can de-silo learning and make the core capacities of the 4Cs explicit. The presentation will conclude with a series of practical ‘next steps' to make beneficial changes for the middle learners in your school. 

 10.00am Concurrent Sessions 5
 10:45amMorning Tea
 11:15am Concurrent Sessions 6
 12:05pm Concurrent Sessions 7


 1:35pmConcurrent Sessions 8


AI Panel Discussion

  • Professor Donna Pendergast - Facilitator
  • Dr Paul Browning, St Paul's School
  • Carly Robbins – Pembroke, SA

  • Sam Porter, Pembroke SA

 3:40pm Conference Close

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